News Diary

February 2019

The Nursery School received a very special visit at the beginning of the month.  Shirley Cherry, author and illustrator of ‘Musa and the Incredibirds Talent Show’ went along to give a book reading and dramatisation of the book.  Accompanying  her were Lady Kira Dalton and Education Director, Kemo Bah, of the Africa Oyster Trust. Thank you!

“You are to be congratulated on a wonderful school. The teachers were so enthusiastic. They all really seemed to enjoy their work and the children were a delight! I thoroughly enjoyed reading my book and I think the children enjoyed it too. We were very impressed by the facilities, playground and dining area – we even got to have some lunch.” Shirley Cherry

January 2019

January has been a very busy month at the Afrikaya Nursery School. There have been a few highlights.

First, Alimamo’s team of builders and painters completed the one storey building and painted the outside.  When the inside has been completed, this will provide a Community Centre for New Yundum and an Adult Education Centre. Either the rooms will be hired out or an entrance fee charged for film shows and other events, thus  generating an income for the school.  The aim is for the school to eventually become self-financing.

Our good friend Dave Adams of Fair Play Gambia together with Bird Guide, Lamin J Njie, delivered lots of school equipment that had been donated to Colin Casey’s appeal.  To read Colin’s story, click here.

The children and the staff are delighted with all the classroom stationary.  Thank you Colin and friends.

During January, the UK team have been blessed with donations from many supporters. These will all sail their way to The Gambia during February.  Thank you to all of you.