Drum, Fun & Mayhem 16 November 2019

Fantastic Afrikaya fund raiser yesterday. Amazing fun! Many many thanks to Geoff for facilitating, Helen for kitchen duties Dave Rome and Spencer for guitars, Annette, Helen and Sue for cakes etc. Thank you to everyone who took part: everyone already tagged plus 2 of our grandchildren – Toby on Dunduns and Felix on shakers (when he wasn’t trying to eat them), Emma, Chris, Claire and her boys, Shellie and her friend and their boys, Sarah, Lindsay, Rob and friend, Bea, Hilary, Steph, Rachel, Robyn, Nic, Ann. Did I forget anyone?

Posted by Di Miles on Saturday, 11 August 2018

Saturday 16 November at Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, SN8 4LB, 1.30 – 3.30

Everyone welcome, any musical instrument, any age or ability.

Adults £8; Unwaged £5

Teens £3;

under 12 with adult: free.

Drum hire:£1

Repeat of September’s brilliant event of drums and other instruments jamming for fun with a West African undertone.

This one will be facilitated by Alex Miles of DCFG and is also a celebration of the 3 Miles’ birthdays [Geoff’s big one].

Hand drums [mostly djembes from Africa], frame drums, other percussive instruments from around the world, and also any other instruments that complement the free-form rhythm produced by the circle.
Everyone is welcome, whatever their age or ability.

“Had such fun at our Drum Circle jam session last year. As well as us amateur djembe bangers and budding percussionists and paradiddlers, some people who could actually play musical instruments turned up!” Nic Walker