The School

Afrikaya Nursery School Ismaila's class

The Afrikaya Nursery School serves a maximum of 135 children from the age of 3 to the age of 7 years. They are split into 5 classes, with the class of youngest children having the lowest child to teacher ratio.

At the age of 7 years, each child is able to move on to a primary school, many of which are State run.

Head Teacher, Ismaila Sama, is qualified and very experienced in Early Childhood Development. He manages a team of 3 teachers and 1 teaching assistant.

All of the teachers have either qualified, or are currently studying for their Early Childhood Development Certificate, at Gambia College in Brikama.

Teaching Staff:

  • Elyana Gomez          Teaching Assistant Nursery 0
  • Margaret Gomez      Teacher Nursery 1
  • Ismaila Sama​​​            Teacher Nursery 2 (Head Teacher)
  • Noella Bassen           Teacher Nursery 3
  • Baboucarr MBoob     Teacher Nursery 4

Ground Staff:

  • Tuti​​​​ Jarju                   Nanny​​
  • Olly Lucarr                Nurse
  • Sally​​​​ Sanneh             Cook
  • Mas​​​​ Keita                   Security
  • Tiger the dog​​​             Security
  • Malang Dahabo         Security
  • Tanu Jallow                Book keeper

The Afrikaya Nursery School is accessible to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, tribe, religion, disability or family income. Many families struggle to pay school fees and these are encouraged to apply for sponsorship. Go to Sponsor a Child.

The school has no religious bias. The majority of the community are Sunni Muslim. Three of the teachers are Christian. Islam in the Gambia is characterized by its coexistence with other religions. Whenever celebrations take place at the school, the local Imams and Marabouts lead the community in prayers. Both Islamic and Christian festivals are adhered to.